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 Horse Riding Lessons Cost



  • 1/2   Hour private                        $50.00

  • 1   Hour private                            $90.00

  •     Semi-private Lessons Available
    Please arrive 1/2 hour prior to your lesson to groom and tack your horse. Allow 1/2 hour after your lesson to cool down, un-tack, and clean your horse.

As a courtesy to our trainers and their valuable time we ask you make every effort to give a 24 hour cancelation notice to avoid a$25.00 no show fee. We understand circumstances arise that you don't have control over.

fee schedule  BOARD



FULL BOARD                       $825.00

TRAINING/BOARD              Available

1/2 LEASE                           $400.00  * Responsible for 1/2 routine vet and ferrier *

fee schedule






COACHING/DAYCARE              $60.00  per day

TRAILERING                     $175.00-$250.00 regional shows - based on distance   

TRAINER SHOWN                 $30.00 per class