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News at Sterling Pointe Farm!

This year's Summer Horsemanship Camps are
July 18-22 and August 22-26!

We are pleased to announce, Sterling Pointe Farm
is under the new ownership of
the Goldmans, Alex, Sandy & Ken!

Congratulations to our 2015 Year End Champions!

Reg. Appaloosa Western Pleasure            Fourth                  Alex Goldman
Open Walk-Trot Pleasure 11-17 Years     Champion           Emma Rodriguez
Open Walk-Trot Equitation 11-17 Years  Champion           Emma Rodriguez
Reg. Quarter Horse Western Pleasure     Champion           Natalie Carruthers
Open Walk-Trot Pleasure 18 & Over        Third                      Colleen Cotter
Open Walk-Trot Equitation 18 & Over     Reserve                 Colleen Cotter
Jr. Exhibitor Hack Under 18 Years              Champion           Savannah Kanakis
Reg. Qter Horse Halter Gel & St                  Reserve                Natalie Carruthers
Reg. Appaloosa Eng Pleas Horse                 Third                      Alex Goldman
Western Horse In Hand                                 Reserve                Alex Goldman
                                                                                Sixth                      Emma Rodriguez
Jr. Exhibitor English Horse or Pony            Champion           Savannah Kanakis
Open Color Breed Pleasure                          Champion           Danielle Cammarano
                                                                                Reserve                Allie Powers
                                                                                Fourth                  Alex Goldman
Color Breed Halter                                           Champion           Allie Powers
                                                                                Reserve                Alex Goldman
Reg. Appaloosa Halter Gl & St                     Champion           Alex Goldman
Register Open Pinto Pleasure                     Champion           Danielle Cammarano
                                                                                Reserve                Allie Powers
Hunter Type Horse In Hand                          Third                      Colleen Cotter
Reg. Pinto Breeding Mares                           Champion           Allie Powers
Hunter Seat Pleasure Equitation                Reserve                Danielle Cammarano  
Alton's Little Dandie Memorial Trophy                                    Allie Powers
Flamingo Road Memorial Trophy                                               Savannah Kanakis

Walk-Trot Pleasure 11 & Over                    Champion           Colleen Cotter
Open Color Breed Pleasure                          Champion           Allie Powers
                                                                                Reserve                Danielle Cammarano
                                                                                Fourth                  Alex Goldman
Appaloosa English Pleasure                         Champion           Alex Goldman
Quarter Horse Western Pleasure Horse  Third                      Natalie Carruthers
Appaloosa Halter                                              Champion           Alex Goldman
Quarter Horse Halter                                      Fourth                  Natalie Carruthers
Walk-Trot Equitation 11 & Over                 Reserve                Colleen Cotter
Western Horse In Hand                                 Reserve                Alex Goldman
Pinto/Paint Halter                                            Champion           Allie Powers
Color Breed Model Horse                             Reserve                Allie Powers
                                                                                Third                      Alex Goldman
English Horse In Hand                                    Reserve                Colleen Cotter
Appaloosa Western Pleasure                      Champion           Alex Goldman
Hunter Seat Pleasure Jr Eq Division           Champion           Danielle Cammarano
Pinto/Paint Pleasure                                       Champion           Allie Powers
                                                                                Reserve                Danielle Cammarano
NEHC Westrn Pleas Horse/Pony Class     Third                      Allie Powers 


MHC 2015
Hunt Seat Pleasure Equitation                RC    Danielle Cammarano
Appaloosa Halter                                    RC    Alex Goldman
Appaloosa Pleasure                                CH    Alex Goldman
Color Model                                            CH    Allie Powers
                                                                RC    Alex Goldman
Color Pleasure                                        CH    Danielle Cammarano
                                                                RC    Allie Powers
                                                                3        Alex Goldman
Pinto/Paint Halter                                   CH     Allie Powers
Pinto/Paint Pleasure                               CH    Allie Powers
                                                                RC    Danielle Cammarano
Quarter Horse Halter                               RC    Natalie Carruthers
Quarter Horse Western                           CH    Natalie Carruthers
Western Horse in Hand                           RC    Alex Goldman

Our Show Schedule
       *South Shore Horsemen's Council
        Elm St.
        Rozena's Field
        Raynham, MA
  May 8,   June 19, &  August 14, 2016

       *North Shore Horsemen's Association
        Senator Bell Farm
        156 Derry Rd.
        Chester, NH
        May 22, 2016               
        *Hanover Hunt & Riding Club Show at Brigg's Stable
          623 Hanover St.
          Hanover, MA
          June 11, 2016

        *Greater Boston Charity Horse Show
          Topsfield Fairgrounds
          Topsfield, MA
          May 27, 2016

        *Syracuse International
    Horse Show
         New York State
   Fairgrounds Coliseum
         Syracuse, NY
         June 29, 2016-July 2, 2016

        *CT Summer Classic
         Northampton, MA
            August 1, 2016-August 6, 2016

        *Massachusetts Horsemen's Council  Pleasure Classic
         Briggs Stable
         623 Hanover St.
         Hanover, MA
         September 11, 2016

        *Deerfield Horse Show
         Deerfield Fairgrounds
         Deerfield, NH
         Sept 29, 2016-Oct 2, 2016

         Big E Fairgrounds
         W. Springfield, MA
         Oct. 27 -Oct 30, 2016