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Meredith Brisson Moving Beyond Your Nerves – unmounted workshop

Moving Beyond Your Nerves

A little about Meredith:​​​

Meredith’s passion is helping riders to get the most out of their time in the saddle by enhancing their physical and technical training with skills that promote mental toughness and clarity. She comes to this work as a life-long rider herself, who has competed to the Advanced Level in Eventing and has obtained her Silver Medal in Dressage.

After obtaining an advanced degree in clinical social work at Smith College School for Social Work, Meredith has developed a thriving private practice that uses both traditional and holistic techniques to help riders find a sense of mastery, pride, and accomplishment in their time in the saddle.

She is available for individual in-person sessions via phone or at her office in Norfolk, MA.  

Please visit her website more information on her services.

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Unmounted Series Clinic

Club Room at Sterling Pointe Farm, Rochester, MA